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  • Image of DK72 ÚLTIM CAVALL - Alaska
  • Image of DK72 ÚLTIM CAVALL - Alaska
  • Image of DK72 ÚLTIM CAVALL - Alaska

Incluye cupón de descarga digital. *Includes a free digital MP3 download [320 kbps].



Los del Garraf se dieron a conocer gracias a ‘Records de Kyoto’ (Discos de Kirlian 2017), un disco de canciones de pop emocionante, que bascula con elegancia entre el noise, el shoegazing y el dream pop.⁠
⁠Ahora la carrera continúa con ‘Alaska’ (Discos de Kirlian 2019), un trabajo nocturno, intenso y crudo, con destellos de luz pero sin deshacerse de esa melancolía marca de la casa.⁠
Con menos capas sónicas que de costumbre y más protagonismo de las voces, Ùltim Cavall están a punto de dar un paso adelante con un trabajo homogéneo, de buen ritmo e intensidad.

"This one has me hooked straight from the off. Alaska is an indiepop/dreampop album you can fully immerse yourself in and just let go. Divine." Records I like (London, UK)

"Another small masterpiece. Terrific chiming guitars, dreamy atmospheres, and elegant arrangements. I highly recommend checking them out." Cloudberry Records Astoria (New York, USA)

"Man, I’m just totally in love with the Spanish pop scene, whether that’s the jangling sort or the dreamy kind, like Ultim Cavall. Sure, listening to a track in a foreign tongue can be a touch challenging, but if that’s the case, just invest in the overall mood of this song. For instance, this number seems sort of downtrodden and sad; it’s the way the notes seem to be tumbling down a hill. Sure, the steady rhythm section is ever-present to push the song along, but the sensation is always one of the more mellow sort. It’s short and sweet, and super special so give it a go. And of course, it’s available from Discos de Kirlian." (austintownhall.com)

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